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We, at Faxts Telysis, Inc., would like to extend you an offer in just one area of our expertise that quite possibly can save your company thousands of dollars. As one of the only wholesalers of Enhanced Fax Services offered in the industry today, we have placed our primary goal on maintaining the most cost competitive pricing for our services without compromising any of the custom services you receive from the industry giants. Faxts Telysis can achieve this goal because we are still offering the exact same service you receive from the leading Enhanced Service Providers today, but at wholesale price levels substantially below what they all charge you direct for the same services. Some of these services are patented because they are so successful in reducing the costs you normally would pay through any other provider. 

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Fax Broadcasting Providers Express advertising, MediaLinq, ifaxbroadcaster, ABS, Jblast by J2, boomerang, xpedite, Protus, Visionlab Data & J2 are all companies Faxts Telysis will easily beat in pricing and still maintain the same or better reliability for email faxing, fax broadcast, Fax on demand, fax broadcasting, fax marketing, & wholesale facsimile sending. We also agressively compete against Sprintfax, ABS Fax Broadcasting, AT&T Web to fax, Ifaxbroadcaster, Village Fax, Cynet, Cynetfax, Cynet-fax, Transmedia on email faxing, fax broadcasts, fax advertising, fax marketing, & wholesale facsimile sending.