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Our Association's main goal is to promote the idea that agents marketing just one or two different services to their client base usually are perceived by their clients as simply Agents.  By approaching new clients as someone that can more efficiently manage their overall communications needs, rather than simply sell them long distance or calling cards, etc... , the clients begin to view the agent in an overall capacity as their "Off-site Telecommunications Department" (especially if the agent promotes themselves in this capacity).  If  the agent looks out for ALL their client's communications needs, instead of just one or two of them, the agent will find over time, they have built a stable base of clients that aren't going to switch to the next company offering them 10 or 15% savings.  If, as our industry becomes more competitive, agents make an effort to maintain their clients on the most competitive, reliable services available, agents will quickly find that their clients simply refer all new solicitations from competitors to their "Off-Site Communications Managers" to handle.  This builds client loyalty in a very unloyal industry & insures an agents future success in building a very stable, ever increasing monthly income as new clients are gained and established ones never leave!

If you are an Agent, or Agent House that doesn't have any one particular service available for your clients, our association has complete agent programs along with full support for you to aid your clients in many other areas you might not be serving them right now, including hardware and systems support plus 21+ different services, some with multiple provider options.  Take time to review our Main Services Page for a complete listing of all our "Recommended Best Picks".  You will want to check this page out thoroughly.

We further have established a very automated program that allows all our Association's agents to earn a special commission rate from our FREE website we provide at the below linked site:

Once you go to the site, you may click on the "Business Opportunity" link and you will find that it costs you nothing, you receive a FREE exact mirror web site of the one you are reviewing with over 20 services offered, and you will be emailed within usually 1 hour of signing up - a private password that will allow you to enter the Agent's Private Section, where you will find:

1. All order activity placed by your customers for all 15+ different products
2. Spreadsheet of Sub-agents that have signed up under you, the percentage you are earning off of them (based on what you set it at when you signed up),
3. Links to all sorts of Agent support materials and Agent training site.
4. BBS for chatting with other agents and asking questions
5. Complete commission tallying summary reports that will provide you totals on what you can expect in the next month's check, broken down by each service offered.

Much, much more.

Again, simply go to: sign up as a agent.  You'll be in business in less than 24 hrs. !!

You may Email us at: for agency agreements on any of the services NOT offered through the above web site address, but only after you have reviewed the services you are requesting information on .  Please don't ask us questions which are clearly answered on most of our service's main agent sections.  If you email us, be sure to state the service(s) you are interested in - in the Subject heading of your email and, preferably your phone & fax#'s in case information is not available via email on that particular service.  This insures we can  provide you everything you might need to receive details on that particular service. You usually will receive Agent Packages sent to your email address as attachments, when available.

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