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We are an Association of 400+ Independent Telecommunications Managers from all over the world, that represent small, medium and large sized Companies world wide, as their off-site management firms for telecommunications. Our Managers represent clients for all of their telecom needs; Not just the local and long distance ones, thus eliminating the need to deal with all the long distance & hardware service sales people that regularly solicit you & your business; For more details, review our link titled, "The Bottom Line".

For those of you simply tired of hearing every carrier tell you through constant advertisements or direct solicitations that they have the best rate programs and services, we provide an unbiased, independent database of virtually every service offered by our industry and continually update our programs to insure we are offering both clients and our Agent Managers with the most reliable, lowest rate programs available in the industry for any particular service your needs may require. Click on any of the services to the right, or below, for a brief description and follow up details, rates tables, and online signup forms for most all of our "Recommended" Service Provider programs.

Cellular Phone & Long Distance Svc. New
Whole array of nationwide, local plans (based on your state), PCS digital & analog from AT&T, Sprint PCS, GTE, USWest, Airtouch, CellularOne, & Alltel, along with Prepaid discounted Cellular phones & service. Everything is broken down in comparison chart for very simple choices.  Free Cell Phone + Free Shipping w/activated plan!!

NewJust $0.125/min for either incoming or outgoing calls! 

Wave of the Future for Executives that need to be reachable by their staff or clients. This service allows a CALL, EMAIL, or FAX to be forwarded to your new single Universal number, which then can ring your home#, hotel room, cell phone, etc... simultaneously and send message to your pager with callers name - and if they are waiting on the line for you to pick up. You can be reached ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! If you immediately return a page, system will allow you to be connected to your caller still on hold, through your universal call in toll free #. You can change "ring to" numbers on the fly, so your 800 number will ring where ever you want it to. Great for clients calling after hours, OR executives traveling, OR people out of their main office - on the go all the time. 

VIRTUAL OFFICE - with all kinds of featuresNew
Great for small businesses that want impression of full office staff. A customizable menu that directs calls to any number anywhere, plays and receives recorded messages, and sends fax-on-demand and receives faxes. The system also offers such features as zero out to an operator and a spell by name directory service.

DEDICATED T-1 SERVICE (high vol. long distance)
As low as 1.3 cents/min.
For business clients currently spending over $3,000/month in long distance. If your company is paying over 3.5 cents/minute in today's market for Dedicated Service, YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH! (3 cent/min. or lower rate for companies spending in excess of $20k/month w/no multi-year contracts required!) Includes Dedicated, Overseas Satellite Relays, Point-To-Point, Frame Relay, ATM Networks, Equipment, and advice from the Pros.
This company has a who's who for a client list, the most sophisticated auditing methods and proprietary software of anyone in the business. Auditing companies work solely on a contingency fee basis so there is absolutely no risk in using their services. For you Telecom Managers of large Corporations, governments and their agencies, CFO's and Corp. Controllers: You have outside Accounting Firms routinely perform auditing on your Corporation or Government Agency's books and you all have hired management consultants in the past to see where to trim costs. This service should be looked at as a specific area of expertise that cannot be found in any in-house Telecommunications or Accounting Depts.. The largest most recognized Corporations and Governments in the World have used specialized auditing firms successfully to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in "lost revenues". Managers and Executives - Use this asset to your advantage. With millions every month in recaptured savings over the past three years alone for its clients, this Auditing Firm has saved money for every type of company. From Fortune 100 corps., numerous state and local governments, and some of this country's most well known institutions among their clients. Your company must have total monthly expense outlay in combined overall utilities, & local and long distance phone bills exceeding 20,000/month. Click Here

Allows companies to promote products and provide service or product information, via a interactive recorded message. Caller can order product, download or have faxed information, or you can have caller forwarded to another destination for additional service. You can change your recordings or product information anytime.

Internet Phone " New "
Lowest Rates in world! (below $0.040/min. to many countries from anywhere in World)

                    Click on the Order Now Box on this Internet Phone web site, to see different Rate Plans

"Best Picks" choices offer discount Rate Programs down to 1.5¢/min. 24hrs./day (same rate for TOLL FREE inbound or outbound calls) anywhere U.S. with lowest intl. rates offered in the industry + custom routing features.  See our Comparison Rates Table for complete options & details. After reviewing our Link to our Biz programs (above), email us with any questions.
T-1 Volume Rates down to $0.005/min. or less  (T-1 is for businesses spending in excess of $1,000 a month on long distance) Our Association's 400+ agent's combined client volume allows us to obtain lower rates than most businesses can obtain on their own from most nationwide & regional carriers.  Our Automated Real Time Quote Request Form allows businesses to obtain quotes from all relevant carriers in their region without the need to deal with all the sales people from each carrier.  If you find a lower quote, our carriers guarantee to meet your quoted price AND pay you up to $500.  Click on the above underlined link.

Best Rate Calculator

Simply click on blue box above and enter the area code and first 3 digits of your phone number. Complete list of carrier plans and cost options appear.:

All our Recommended Carriers offer you the same rates for toll free incoming calls as are listed above under Business Long Distance. We insure our providers require no term contracts and give the lowest flat rates available in the industry. Preview all rates by clicking on Business Long Distance

6 cents/page flat - 24hrs. down to $0.015 (We have high volume clients with rates below 1.5¢/page.  So simple to use - hit print from any program on your computer and choose the broadcast print option provided to you - to begin a broadcast to 1 or 10,000 #s.  Also can track your broadcasts & billing (realtime), edit fax lists, etc... all through a private secure website!
These services dramatically help reduce mail and customer service costs, while still offering business a more professional look to their message than standard email!  Most businesses pay more for the long distance alone to send a fax than this service charges to do all of the work for you!

Flat rate down to 0.9 cents anywhere U.S. w/no per call surcharges, and authorization code is simply your main phone # plus each employee's chosen 4 digit PIN#. Or choose card which also offers calling from all over the world!  Subtotaled billing by card user & you choose the limit/month allowed on any or all cards issued to you or your company. Now awesome intl. Rates allow you to use card from all over the world to anywhere in the world!

Send crystal clear faxes to anyone in the world by simply sending a document/letter directly from your web browser, or as a Email attachment.  ALSO Receive all your faxes in your email or web browser and eliminate the need for your customers paying international long distance to send you a fax!  U.S. originated incredibly low call plans 24hrs/day to any where in the U.S.), and lowest rates in industry to all other countries.
You can even compose your msg. right in your own email program or through your web browser which then faxes to where ever you tell it to. (Ave. letter sized page takes approx. 1 minute to fax). Complete users guide, FAQ (frequently asked questions, & Free Demo of the service & secure application all provided at above website underlined link.

y of individual & large wholesale card order options. Down to .9 cents/min. !
Options include phone cards for marketing promotions, for College Students (Call home cheaper than it costs most of your parents to call you!), Military, individual business people, or large corporations. Many of the cards are rechargeable, easy to use, and can include promotional messages if a company wants to use them in a give away promotion with some set number of free minutes. The above underlined link allows you to choose from over 6 different options.


OPTION 1- full service or reservationless 24/7 with operator assisted option for $0.15/min. or less

Click HERE for CORPORATE Phone & Web Conferencing
Down to 15 cents/min. w/loads of customized features!

No equipment needed accept a telephone. To join a conference call, the participants simply dial an 800 number and enter the conference call.  Conference call services vary tremendously and can include as few as 3 locations or as many as 3000...Whatever your need, this company will make it work for you! ALL CALLS 100% GUARANTEED! They further WILL BEAT ALL COMPETITIVE OFFERS!

OPTION 2 - 9.9 cents/min. 24/7 
Small Biz and Residential Conferencing

Clck HERE for 9.9 cent/min. with operator option when needed.  Up to 16 people max..  Web scheduling and online billing available.  Whether you need to talk to  the entire family at the same time, or you have to schedule a sales call for 15 sales people, this service is the most economical conferencing calling service available. 


6.9 cents/min. 24hrs..+ Awesome Intl. Rates If you are under a term agreement with your present long distance carrier, OR you simply want to keep your current carrier, but at the same time, have the option of extremely low wholesale cost calling anywhere around the world; For example - only those calls you make internationally or to certain countries - Use this service to get around your present long distance carrier when ever you choose, and have the calls show up on the back of your local phone companies monthly phone bill at usually up to half the per minute rates you are presently paying. Extremely low rates!

Looking into the possibility of either adding to your current Telephone system or upgrading to new equipment? Hardware vendors usually only represent one or two equipment manufacturers because they want to get volume discounts from their manufacturers. This makes it difficult for most vendors to truly look out for the clients best interest when recommending various types of equipment options to meet your required needs. We are not hardware vendors and so we aren't going to try to sell you more equipment than you need, or a system we know won't meet your needs. We will determine your needs, then set up the Request For Proposal (RFP's), deal with all of the various vendors in your area, and finally connect you with the vendors of your choice after going over their proposals with you first. We can save you BIG $$'s and insure your upgrade decision is one that will last well beyond the average of 5-7 years.

For International & U.S. based carriers - Our Association can help reduce your WHOLESALE CARRIER RATES or gain you a U.S. presence for your overseas switches, to numerous Countries all over the world.  We work in MILLIONS OF MINUTES/MONTH to match up overseas Carriers with counterparts here in the U.S..  
Email us with countries and monthly volume levels per country for a quote.

(Preview all of the International New Services offered by our industry below.)

If you are an Agent or Agent House  that doesn't have any one particular service available for your clients, our Association is generally able to obtain for its Agent Programs with the highest commissions paid out by any of the Service Providers listed,  along with complete support for you to aid your clients in many other areas you might not be serving right now, including hardware and systems support. You will want to check this page out thoroughly. 
You further may link to our Who We Are page.
You may Email us at: for agency agreements, if they aren't already available for downloading or printing under the desired service you can link to from their brief summaries below. IF you email us, Be sure to state the services you are interested in and, preferably your telephone & fax #'s so we can be sure to provide you everything you might need to receive our information on the service(s) you are requesting. We typically send compressed files called "zip" files which contain all the files for that particular service, or refer your request directly to the Service Provider you are interested in, thus insuring that you receive the highest commission rate possible!

Telecom Association logo - stating our 'Recommended Best Picks' on most extensive listing of svcs on the Net!


Click on CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES for up-to-date $$'s to your country's currency exchange rate.

Internet Phone" New " - Lowest Rates in world! (below $0.040/min. to many countries from anywhere in World)
Most countries below $0.04/min. Lowest rates in world! 
                    Click on the Order Now Box on this web site, to see different Rate Plans

International Callback allows business and individuals OUTSIDE the U.S. to get around their country's higher telephone rates and make calls that actually originate from a telephone computerized switch in the U.S.A. at up to 70% lower cost than what your local telephone company may be charging you. Saves BIG $$s.

International Direct Dial Calling without Callback" New "
The worldwide trend is to convert Callback to Direct Dial switching. This allows a caller in almost 40 non-U.S. countries around the globe to place a single call to get U.S. based dial tone without having to wait for a call back from a U.S. based switch to receive dial tone. It further allows individuals and businesses to access the World's lowest U.S. based rates at up to 70% lower than their own countries telephone rates.

International Toll Free 800 Calling Card" New "
For International Travelers -International Toll Free Service is equivalent to an international calling card and offers the greatest convenience to travelers. GlobalTollFree (TM) allows the convenience of placing a single call from any location in over 40+ countries, and growing monthly. In countries where it is available the caller will not incur any PTT charges.

Web Call also known as Internet Telephone" New "
Most countries below $0.10/min. Lowest rates in world! 4 Plans Options (below are just 2):
Millennium Plan - 1000 Minutes PC-to-Phone calling to the US and Canada, plus 250 free minutes each month to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Australia and Hong Kong for only $9.95/ month.

North America $4.95 Plan - make up to 400 minutes of calls to the USA from anywhere in the world. That is only 1.2 cents ($0.012) for each minute of calling!
All you need is a headset or microphone connected to your computer and setup is quick and easy. 

$20-$50 Non-rechargeable Prepaid cards with origination from just about anywhere in the world -
ALSO AVAILABLE - Global Access Rechargeable Card A excellent card for Overseas companies that want traveling intl. toll free access from almost any country in the world. The cards are rechargeable, easy to use.

A service that allows companies from anywhere in the world to appear as if they have an office in the U.S. by listing a toll free 800 number for potential U.S. customers that rings over to your direct telephone number, at whatever location (outside the U.S.) you want it to ring at, anywhere in the World. It's a way to gain new U.S. based customers without them knowing your company is located outside the U.S.. Combine it with a promotional advertising campaign done through our Fax Broadcasting Services" New " and you can quickly gain a brand new U.S. customer base for your products or services.

International FAX BROADCASTING/ FAX-ON-DEMAND" New " $0.06/min.(USD) down to $0.01 anywhere U.S. from anywhere in the World + awesome international rates to rest of world.
These services dramatically help reduce mail and customer service costs. Plus, when using Fax Broadcasting, your faxes go out from the U.S. at much lower rates than any other country. Send crystal clear faxes to anyone in the world by simply sending a document/letter directly from your web browser, or as a Email attachment.  ALSO Receive all your faxes in your web browser and eliminate the need for your customers paying international long distance to send you a fax!  U.S. originated incredibly low call rates (7.5 cents/page 24hrs/day to any where in the U.S.), and lowest rates in industry to all other countries.
You can even compose your msg. right in your web browser which then faxes to where ever you tell it to. (Ave. letter sized page takes approx. 1 minute to fax). Complete users guide, FAQ (frequently asked questions, & Free Demo of the service & secure application all provided at above website underlined link. Use in combination with a Overseas 800 number to expand your U.S. customer base.

INTERNET FAX SERVICE + WEB FAX & Internet eMAIL to Fax " New "
Send crystal clear faxes to anyone in the world by simply sending a document/letter as a Email attachment OR directly from your web browser, ALSO Receive all your faxes in your web browser and eliminate the need for a fax machine! U.S. originated incredibly low call rates (4.5 - 1 cent/page 24hrs/day to any where in the U.S.), and very low rates to all other countries. Compose your msg. right in your web browser which then faxes to where ever you tell it to. (Ave. letter sized page takes approx. 1 minute to fax). Complete users guide, FAQ (frequently asked questions, & Free Demo of the service.

Web Based Conference Calling
Complete conference calling and document collaboration solution. Internet-based solution for scheduling and initiating phone conferences via the Web with just a few mouse clicks. 9 to 10 cents per minute (depending on volume) per participant phone conferencing (both call-in and call-out is available), PLUS complete Web presentations capabilities including document sharing and real-time collaboration. Volume Discounts available for corporations. FREE TRIAL & FREE ONLINE DEMO.  Check it out!

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