Calling cards discounted to $0.039/min. 24hr. w/no surcharges, 6 second billing & spanish speaking options - "Best Pick" by Telecom Association. Canada/Canadian, Mexico origination too!

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AccuChat Calling Card
(also known as AccuLinq Calling card)

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6.9¢ Flat Rate (4.9¢ in most states)
(now with option for Spanish voice prompts)
(& Spanish customer service operators)

If you need to make international calls

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    Features: The AccuChat Card is the best stand-alone calling card in the country. With rates this low you would think this was a stripped down, bare bones card. On the contrary this card comes loaded with enhanced features. 
    • 4.9¢/min. Local Access in the following States - anywhere U.S. 24hr. flat rate. 
    • Alabama
      DC (Washington)
      North Carolina
      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      New York
      South Carolina
      South Dakota

      Check back frequently, as new states are being added to local access!
    • Call from anywhere in Continental United States.
    • Calls from AK, HI same 6.9¢ rate
    • Access our toll free 800 number anywhere U.S. outside above listed States for a low rate of 6.9¢ per minute rate** 
    • Web Call detail and automatic credit card payment available through secure user site
    • Multiple Call Capability enables you to make as many calls as you need by dialing your personal access number just once. (No need to hang up and redial)
    • No Per-Call Surcharges (FCC mandated payphone access fee of 30¢ connect charge could apply)
    • $1 Monthly Fee in months card is used, but no monthly Minimums so you only pay for the time you use.
    • User-selectable 4 digit PIN # (not printed on card) Easy-to-remember.


            If you are outside USA 50 States (or USVI/PR/Mexico or Canada)
    & need international origination 
    use this calling card


      QuickChat Service

      Utilizing our exclusive QuickChat Service, you can call our National Access 800 number (from a predesignated phone #) and bypass having to enter your PIN number.  This feature saves you time and money by allowing you to receive our low rates without dialing your 11 digit PIN.

      Instead of using a 1010XXX number to save money simply program our National 800 Access number into one of your speed dial locations on your phone and push it every time you need to make a Long Distance Call. 
      Bonus value:
      if you live in a state where you normally pay HIGH in-state rates, just use QuickChat, and start paying only 4.9¢ per minute for all your domestic interstate and intrastate calls.

      Billing is the same as if you were on the road and you will be able to take advantage of our low 4.9¢ rate on all your domestic calls 24 hours a day.  Nothing is More Simple!

      Need to make additional Calls?  Simply punch the " * " star key twice and get a fresh dial tone to make another call without hanging up!

    Questions Most Asked About AccuChat?

    Who Uses the Cards?
    Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, college students, business travelers, affinity groups, RV and truck drivers, pager users, manufacturers' representatives, and anyone that's simply on-the-go. 

    Do I need to change my long-distance service at home?
    NO. The AccuChat calling card is a stand-alone card. You don't need to change your home long-distance carrier to get this card.

    Can I use the AccuChat Card @ my Home or Office?
    YES. Simply dial using the temporary card instructions below from any phone!

    How many bills will I receive?
    If you order one, two or three cards everything will be itemized on one bill, subtotaled by each card.

    How do I apply for the AccuChat Card?

      IMPORTANT NOTE - If you print out and fax back the application, you will be able to chose your own private PIN #'s.  Applicants choosing the "Online Order" method link below, will have their PIN #s assigned by AccuChat and mailed with the calling card(s) for security reasons.   Faxed in Applications may begin using the AccuChat  calling card(s) within 2-4 business days (even though the physical cards won't arrive at your office or home for approximately 10 business days). Simply save the above Temporary Card User Instructs listed below.

      You may apply for the AccuChat Card simply by:

    When may I use the AccuChat Card to place a call?
    The AccuChat Card will be active within 2 business days of receiving your application.

    How long will it take to receive the AccuChat Card?
    After we receive your information it takes between 10 days to 2 weeks to provide you with your plastic calling card.

    AccuChat  Temporary Card
    Usage Procedures:
    1. Dial Local Access (cities top of page) or Toll-Free number 1-888-821-5574   Spanish-888-821-5579
    2. Enter your 11 digit access code.
    (Your code is your 7 digit phone number plus a 4 digit PIN number you choose on app.)
    3. Enter 1+ Area Code + Phone Number
    4. To make another call? Press " * " key twice.


    (Remember Online orders will take approx. 10 business days to receive)
    (And PIN # will be assigned by AccuChat)

To secure your Calling Card FAX your Application to 800-909-7994
                     OR - Mail to: AccuChat 5224 Kaltenbrun Road Fort Worth, Texas 76119

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