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Our Association will put $$'s back in your pockets, or company coffers where they belong.

The Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers is a group of 400+ Independent Professional Telecommunications Managers worldwide that have designed this sight as an aid to those of you tired of hearing every long distance carrier, enhanced service provider, or vendor of hardware telephone equipment tell you they have the lowest priced products or services with the best quality in the industry.

This site is extensive and regularly updated with the most competitive, reliable services offered in our industry, including advice on various telecom related issues. See Recommended Best Picks for just a sampling of programs and services we offer. We continuously update our database of services to insure you will consistently be paying the most competitive cost per minute for whatever service you find your needs require. Because this site does regularly change, you should add our Manager's "Recommended Best Picks Page as a link to your Favorite Sites. If you're a telecommunications manager for a large Corporation, try utilizing our services as an additional database of information. We consistently find we are able to attain the identical service, with whatever carrier you request at a lower cost per minute than they will quote you directly, simply because of our telecom manager's combined client buying volume. Don't believe us. Give us a try.  It costs you Nothing!!

Every single service provider in the telecommunications industry has both a in-house sales department for which they are required to pay salaries, office expenses, training, benefits, etc...  .  They further always have a separate division offering differently structured (lower priced) versions of the same services to all independent professional full-time telecommunications managers representing every type and size of client.  In leiu of paying these independent seasoned professionals salaries and benefits, providing them office space, and going through a thorough training process, ALL service providers in our industry simply pay independent telecom managers a flat non-negotiable monthly percentage payment on all client billings the agent brings to the service provider.  Because independent Telecom Managers are not under any exclusive contract requirements to sell only that provider's services (they insure this is in all agent contracts to prevent the IRS   from claiming agents are employees,   for tax purposes) , clients usually find their interests are more efficiently looked after and lower rates offered through independent Telecom Managers/Consultants.

Now take a few minutes to  review our Main Services Page for brief summaries on each of the "Recommended Best Picks" listed, along with links under each service for answers to any questions you may have.

You elect the LEVEL OF SERVICE

you wish us to provide; Everything from getting your Telecommunications network long distance rates for all of the various services set up at the most cost competitive rates available in the industry for each individual office anywhere in the world, to performing hardware analysis, systems design & recommendations, telecom configurations, and systems implementation management. Last, but not least, we will aid in insuring your telephone line add, changes, deletes, billing disputes, audits, and most other telecom related questoins are answered.   As the industry has become more competitive over the years, our Association's web site visitors have seen us consistently make recommendations to change their service options in an effort to continually lower the overall communications costs for both consumers & business, while introducing new services which will aid in more efficiently communicating with your prospective customers and your own employees. 

Thank you for your time.


James Masters, President

Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers
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