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Three main steps to establish an "internet presence" for any business.

Step 1.
Setting Up your Business's internet accounts
Step 2.
Choosing your business's "online" name
Step 3.
Researching and developing your business's website

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Step 1:

Establish an Internet Email Address with a local Service Provider(their called ISP's - for Internet Service Provider) that offers free unlimited access to the internet and your email account for a flat monthly fee. 

These providers have an advantage over the AOL's, & Compuserve's of the industry, because they have immediate send and receive capabilities for email and your website for your business has a more stable presence and usually a more immediate response to your support needs.

A great site that lists All ISP's by having you first target the country you are in, then country region, then State (if you're in the U.S.), and then city, is known as "The List" with over 5,300 ISP's around the world and growing. 

It is located at and has details under each ISP on how much the various monthly accounts they offer cost, contact phone #'s, and addresses, plus how long they have been in business usually. 

Here you will be able to find a ISP that gives you a local dial-in number, so your calls into your service have no per minute charges. 

You should find the average cost per month for this type of account is around $20/month. Remember there are no other charges per month tacked on to this, PLUS, this $20 will also include a personal web site for you to post your business up on the internet. (Email accounts only - with no other services - usually run around $5 - $10/month.)


Step 2:

Determine a Name you want to use as your Email Address - You first want to choose a name that represents the type or name of business, or some other name which people will easily associate with you or your new business. 
You then need to tell your new ISP the name you wish to use as your new email address. They will let you know if its available for you to use. Now your new website for your company you want to get up on the internet will be at the address you just chose for your email name, in the following format: new chosen name) 

The www stands for "world wide web". Next the word, "cyberspace" will be replaced by the name of your internet service provider. After the period the "com" stands for a commercial account, where you would see .org for non-profit organizations, .gov is for government sites, .edu is for all educational institutions, etc...


Step 3:

You Now need to decide whether you want to take the time to get "online" and see what your competition's websites look like. Your other option is to locate various internet website design companies in your phonebook or through your favorite search engines.

Our Parent Company - Masters Enterprises, Inc. also has a web design department that you can use in the design of your company's new website.

Simply link to Masters Enterprises, Inc.'s website design form and then submit all the information they will need to determine a price quote to get your new website up and online with your new chosen ISP!

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* Additional Information to be added to this site.
*  Information on how to learn to edit or design your own webpages.
* Which web page design programs are best for which tasks in designing your new site.
* Details on additional new business opportunities to earn you substantial primary or second incomes.
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