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Prepaid Calling (PHONE) Cards

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Our Association Of Independent Telecommunications Managers know all the things to look out for among the Phone Card Industry's hundreds of offerings and we only Recommend the most cost competitive, reliable, established prepaid calling card phone vendors available in the industry today.  We have reviewed everything from one time use domestic phone cards to intl. origination, rechargeable, and enhanced feature phone cards for business use.

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(Complete Details on each phone card provider below table)
Fund Raisers that just want to buy PIN#s in preset amounts - and have their own phone card design Printed on front: Cognigen for phone cards with high number of minutes
CogniTalk - $20 increment purchase w/PIN & dialing instructs emailed within 24hrs of purchase.  Best International rates offered with no surcharges.

Which Prepaid Cards rechargeable: 

USATEL has the only secure rechargeable card, which makes it best for College or Military types because a quick call to customer service can recharge card with credit card payment over phone or internet. Most other cards found too much credit card fraud, but USATEL has it mastered.   They've offered this method successfully for over 4 years.

CallingCards - rechargeable down to 1 cent/min.

Sells best for Retail Outlets:

CallingCards - lowest rates for calls within U.S.
down to 1.0¢/min. + great intl. rates for calling all over world.

Lowest Price For 1-2 minute long Calls:

USATEL if using payphone because you pay NO average 35¢ payphone connect fees

CogniTalk if calls are not from payphone or if your payphone calls average more than 6 mins. in length.  (8.9¢/min. 24hrs. w/no surcharges.)

Best Option for  Monthly Billed calling cards:

AccuLinq - 4.9 w/no surcharges + enhanced features
TBA - enhanced card with lots of features - details bottom of next table

Calling FROM countries OUTSIDE the USA

CallingCards has cards that offer calling from anywhere in the world to anywhere.


No Per-Call Surcharges
24-Hour Customer Service
No Per-Call charges on intl. rates & extremely low rates to entire world!
$20 incremental  purchases
PIN & dialing instructs emailed upon purchase
Purchase online 24hrs from anywhere
Available for U.S. origination only
Click HERE for Frequently asked questions/answers.
Secure Online Order Form




INDIVIDUAL Rechargeable
For No Pay Phone Surcharge Card:

Calls originating from U.S.A. to anywhere in the World AT FLAT 24 hour RATES -
5.9¢/min. anywhere U.S.A. &
No PAY-PHONE Surcharges
No Per-Call Surcharges
24-Hour Customer Service
No Per-Call charges on intl. rates 
Avail. in $25 & $50 purchases
Fully Rechargeable w/phone call
Available for U.S. origination only
Online Signup Available

(Most cards today charge at least 35¢ - 50¢ per call charge from all payphones since FCC mandated charge - back in Feb. & we see Calling cards that offer a LOW "tease" Rate to several intl. countries, but charge over a $1.00+ surcharge on ALL calls!  DON'T BE FOOLED!!!)

U.S. Rates Down to 1.0¢/min. & International Originating PREPAID Phone Cards


5 FREE International Minutes just to try it out.
Rechargeable Cards 
"No PIN needed" cards that recognize up to 6 separate phone locations
Private Label Promotional Cards
Rates from 1.0¢/min. with per call surcharge TO 5¢/min. with no surcharges
24-Hour Customer Service
Largest options of any phone card on market for placing calls from OUTSIDE the U.S.
Avail. in $10, $20 & $50 purchases
Over 40% of customers order again within 30 days.
Over 70% of  customers order again within 60 days.
Private Access website to view all filled orders, pending order status, & real-time 24hr. customer service online.
Immediate Notifications on all rate reductions or increases through email
Secure Online Order Form 
For Additional Details & Intl. Rates CLICK HERE

New Provider for this service
to be announced
For Calling Cards with VIRTUAL OFFICE FEATURES: 

  • Call screening through pager or cell phone, or even while in office (receive caller's name & number before taking call)
  • Remote connecting to call from cell phone, payphone or anywhere
  • Speed Dialing, Voicemail, call conferencing multiple parties from airport payphones, call forwarding, fax store & forward, pager notification, and numerous other features. 

This monthly billed card gives you all the features of a traveling virtual office at the lowest prices in the industry.   
If you're a Business Traveler, you should review this one of a kind service! 
"Do you want consolidated voice mail, call screening and call-back automation?
Check out this service." (Forbes Magazine '98)!!

Pre-packaged Retail Phone Cards & Customized Cards for Business
For Multiple Card orders
1.9 cents/min. in $20 retail cards
Very low rates for all countries:
Moscow - $0.02/min.
Israel - $0.03/min.
Mexico - $0.10/min. 
Voice Support in Spanish & English
Can order just PIN #s instantly with Credit Card (Print your own cards this way with PIN # & instructs on back.)
OR Order Cards as displayed above in $20 retail values.
Per Call Connect Charges vary from $0.39 for U.S. calls up to $2.00 per call for international calls (See Details here)
Available for U.S. origination only
Secure Online Signup Available
For Additional Details & Intl. Rates CLICK HERE 

Choose 'Corporate' Link and then 
choose "Promotional Cards"

For Customizable Cards w/own Logo & :

1,123 minutes at 10.9 cents/min - no BONG! (Including calls to Alaska & Hawaii)
Same Rate TO Alaska & Hawaii
No Per-Call Surcharges
24-Hour Customer Service
Fully Customizable with Your Business Logo
Official Cognigen Select Service
Doesn't Expire for 1 Year After Purchase
Available for U.S. origination only
Online Signup Available

For Additional Details Prior to order CLICK HERE


For Agents wanting to offer the above prepaid phone cards, click on the below links:

Each of the below Phone Cards also offer agents a free mirror web site, complete with online ordering for your customers and email directed to your chosen email address.  In addition, you may wish to reference you came from the Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers'  web site (so you are offered the highest commission % or lowest reseller rates available.

Cognitalk Phone Cards
USATEL Phone Cards
Cognigen Select Customized 
Retail Phone Cards
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